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NEACUHO Tool Kit Series 2018

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10/3/2018 » 10/5/2018
NEACUHO 2018 Annual Conference

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Election Candidates 2017
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2017 NEACUHO Elections

PositionS Being elected:

Please click on a candidate's name to view their candidate profile.  You can also view the candidate statements at the bottom of this page.


President-Elect (3-Year Term)

Jim Love - Manhattan School of Music

Trish Loring - NHTI, Concord's Community College


Connecticut/Rhode Island District Coordinator (2-Year Term)

Jason Rizk - Southern Connecticut State University

Jennifer Rosa - Salve Regina University


Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator (2-Year Term)

Eric Benn - NHTI, Concord's Community College


Western New York District Coordinator (2-Year Term)

Sarah Fabianski - University of Rochester


Specific Expectations for the Position:

The President-Elect shall:

a. Assume the responsibility of the President in the President’s absence.

b. Recommend one Appointed Board Member, subject to Executive Board approval, for each Committee as well as any task forces or project teams that are deemed necessary.

c. Coordinate the selection of subsequent annual conference site(s) by chairing a Time and Place Committee that includes a past Annual Conference Committee chair, the Program Committee chair, and the Corporate
Relations Committee chair.

d. Meet with all new Executive Board members prior to the first Executive Board meeting to set clear expectations, goals, and special charges.

e. Provide direct liaison contact to Committees.

f. Accept delegated responsibilities the President may assign.

The District Coordinators shall:

a. Serve as the primary liaison of the designated district for all NEACUHO business to the Executive Board.

b. Coordinate with the Membership Coordinator in the area of membership and recruitment, and as such serve as the primary membership coordinator for the district. Communication should occur at least twice per semester to each member institution.

c. Coordinate with the appropriate Committee all new participant functions at the annual conference including orientation and support services.

d. Assist in determining and securing sites for future NEACUHO events as requested.

e. Accept delegated responsibilities the President may assign.


Additional information about NEACUHO is available in the Constitution and Bylaws found on the organization’s website at (under “About Us”).


The nomination period for this election is Monday, June 26th through Friday, July 28th (Western NY nominations will be accepted through Wednesday, August 2nd).

Nominees will be contacted to accept or decline the nomination on a rolling basis.  To be included on the ballot, nominees must submit a candidate statement and photo on or before Thursday, August 3rd which will be posted on the organization’s website.


The election period will begin Tuesday, August 8th at 9:00 AM and conclude Monday, August 14 at 9:00 AM.  If the need arises, run-off elections will be held the following week.


All voting will be done electronically.  Each institutional contact will receive a ballot and is asked to confer with staff members prior to submitting an institutional vote. 


Contact Joshua Hettrick, Past-President, 

Candidate Statements


Jim Love

Manhattan School of Music


I am humbled and honored to potentially serve NEACUHO in the role of President. As a housing professional I have been dedicated to volunteer service within local, regional, and national associations. Unlike many members of NEACUHO, I am both relatively new to the region and bring five years of experience from another regional association (UMR-ACUHO).

To begin I would like to take a moment to highlight my involvement in our organization and why I believe I can help continue moving NEACUHO forward. When I first moved to the region committing to NEACUHO was a top priority. Although I was nervous to attend my first annual conference because I did not know many people in the association, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many professionals shared a similar experience as I attended my first NEACUHO in 2015. At the conclusion of the conference I knew that that I felt a strong connection to this organization and that I deeply wanted to be involved. I immediately sought out ways to give back to the region – by presenting at the next annual conference and searching for committees in which to connect and invest.

As your potential future president I plan to bring a dedication to reflect on our strategic plan which culminates this year. We must reflect on the goals set, assess if they were met, and identify our future priorities while honoring our values and traditions. I will be able to provide a unique perspective to NEACUHO, having served as Chair for the Association of Twin Cities College Housing Administrators (ATCCHA), providing leadership to this organization on its executive board for three years. Additionally, I have witnessed and personally experienced the growth and strategic development of UMR-ACUHO while serving as an active participant in that great regional association.

As I consider the values I would bring to NEACUHO the number one thing that comes to mind is outreach. I would want to spend the time during my presidency conducting outreach to our member institutions, speaking with senior housing officers as well as new professionals and graduate students. We need to conduct outreach to our corporate partners to see how they have benefitted and can continue to enhance their relationship with our profession and organization. Finally, I would dedicate myself to enrich our relationship with our familial associations – both regional and national. I would use all of this information to help guide NEACUHO into determining its future priorities as an association.

To conclude, much of my professional experience has been assisting the organization I am serving to reach its potential. Whether this is within the context of a residence hall and the experience of living on campus, the facilities-side and physical environment, or conceptualizing how an association can more effectively meet the needs of its members I have routinely assisted departments and organizations to align values and actions. I look forward to the opportunity to serve NEACUHO in this way as well, and deeply thank you for your consideration. 

Trish Loring

NHTI, Concord's Community College

Hello Colleagues!  I am excited to have been nominated for the position of President-Elect.  NEACUHO has been my professional home since my first conference in 1988 at Ithaca College.  I was fortunate to work for a Director at that time who valued her staff’s professional development and involvement and before I knew it I was signed up for the Women’s Issues Committee.  A lot has changed in our field since that time and I am proud to have been a part of a professional association that has kept up and grown as our profession as grown.


Professionally, I have had the privilege of working at both private and public institutions, at competitive and more open access institutions, and at 4-year and 2-year institutions.  I have worked at schools with just undergraduates living on campus and institutions with graduate and family housing.  Most importantly, I have had the privilege of working with so many amazing people.  These people were RAs, RDs, supervisors, mentors and people inside and outside of residence life.   I bring all these experiences with me wherever I am fortunate enough to serve.


As a long term NEACUHO member, I have served in many capacities.  I have been a committee member, committee chair, task force member, a liaison and a district coordinator.  In the last five years, I served on the Structure and Governance Task Force as a member of one of the work groups and joined the Program Committee in 2012-13 year.  I have continued on the Program Committee since that time.  In 2014-15, I was asked to serve as the Community College Liaison and worked to connect our region’s community colleges with residence life programs to all that NEACUHO offers.  Beginning in the summer of 2015, I began serving as the Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator.  Additionally, I have served for the last few years as a member of the Finance Committee, as a RD2B mentor, a Mid-Level Institute mentor and presenter and I have presented at many of the recent annual conferences, drive-ins or other NEACUHO events.


NEACUHO is at the end of a five-year strategic plan.  If elected, I would love the opportunity to support our next President, Nate Gordon, and his vision as he leads NEACUHO in establishing its next strategic plan.  This process should assess the needs and perceptions of the membership, and focus on trends in housing operations, residential education, planning/budgeting and leadership.  Going forward as President, it would be my responsibility to continue this work as set by the organization through Nate’s leadership.   However, it will remain important through this process to maintain the progress achieved by the 2011-2017 Strategic Plan with communications, events and offerings, Legacy, our financial strategies, corporate relations work, annual meeting changes, and our new introduction of the MAPS program to open our organization to undergraduates who are interested in this field and seek to learn more.


Additionally, as NEACUHO President, I would have goals to engage our senior housing officers/department leaders and I see a value in having a person dedicated to assessing the needs of this group and creating offerings that would be valuable and engaging.  I would continue our focus on providing quality professional development with our current offerings and to continue work to open doors to all members who seek involvement.  I would work to continue to build trust and partnerships with our corporate partners and maximize our relationship with ACUHO-I and the other regions to the benefit of NEACUHO and its members.


NEACUHO’s mission is to be a professional organization for housing/residence life professionals “dedicated to providing opportunities for colleague support, professional development, sharing of information, communication, research and recognizing of outstanding contributions in the field.”  It would be my priority to lead in a fashion that brings this mission to life. 


Thank you for your consideration. 




Connecticut/Rhode Island District Coordinator

Jason Rizk

Southern Connecticut State University

As a current Executive Board member, I am excited about the opportunity to continue to serve as our next CT/RI District Coordinator. I have been involved in NEACUHO since the spring of 2014 and have benefited greatly from my experience. I have served on the New Professional Development and Program Committees as a member, as well as serving this past year as the New Professional Development Chair. I have volunteered at and supported every conference we offered this academic year and I have continued to develop and improve our RD2B Conference structure.


As the potential next CT/RI District Coordinator, it is my goal to continue to build strong relationships with all of the universities in our district and encourage new universities to involve themselves with all that NEACUHO has to offer. I will offer at least one district social per semester and I hope to develop different round table discussions that apply to all of our institutions (private vs public, religious institutions, small vs large, etc.). As any professional that has come into contact with me during a conference or in the field would vouch for, I would bring positive energy and excitement to this position and give everything that I can give to support and represent our district at the executive board level. Please consider voting for me during the upcoming election period!

Jennifer Rosa

Salve Regina University

Greetings NEACUHO, My name is Jenn Rosa and it is with great pleasure that I submit my Candidate Statement for the Connecticut/Rhode Island District Coordinator position. I am currently in my 5th year as the Assistant Director at Salve Regina University. NEACUHO has been my professional development home for 10 years and I have served this organization in many different capacities and on many different committees.


If elected as the CT/RI District Coordinator, I would have the chance to give back to an organization that has provided me with so many opportunities which would be an absolute honor. NEACUHO has allowed me to network with so many professionals in our field, and I would continue to make and refine connections with all Connecticut/Rhode Island member institutions, as well as represent those institutions in our district. As the CT/RI District Coordinator, I would communicate with all institutions in Connecticut and Rhode Island on behalf of NEACUHO as well as communicate the input and needs in our district to the NEACUHO organization. There are so many amazing opportunities and events within NEACUHO, and I would ensure that the CT/RI district is kept well informed of them. In being the voice for our district, I would ensure advocacy and support to the district membership by representing each of your ideas, opinions, concerns and feedback. Lastly, in supporting the CT/RI district, I would also work to increase the district membership by reaching out to those institutions that are not current members and finding out why they are not and informing those institutions about the opportunities and events within the organization.


Thank you for your time and consideration, and if elected I look forward to serving as your district coordinator.



Maine/New Hampshire District Coordinator

Eric Benn

NHTI, Concord's Community College

It is a privilege to be nominated for an elected position on the NEACUHO executive board.  I’ve been working in higher education for almost four years now and I have truly grown as a professional thanks to the experiences and tools that NEACUHO has offered professionals in the northeast region.  I’m a Past-President of RLAGS, the Residence Life Association of the Granite State, and was responsible for organizing a paraprofessional conference for the state of New Hampshire colleges and universities.  Through that leadership opportunity, I enhanced my communication skills by reaching out numerous schools in New Hampshire. Some of the schools weren’t as active in the last few years compared to other institutions and it was my hope to get their students interested in attending our annual conference.  It was great getting to know so many professionals through this experience and it really opened up my connections to most of the schools here in the granite state.  Last year we even started working with a Maine school to see if they were interested in joining our organization. 


It is my goal as the New Hampshire/Maine District Coordinator to provide as many networking opportunities for professionals in this area and to reach the schools that may not be familiar with NEACUHO and hopefully introduce new professionals to what we have to offer.  Thank you for your consideration and I hope to make you proud!  



Western New York District Coordinator

Sarah Fabianski

University of Rochester

My first interaction with NEACUHO was during my undergraduate time as a Resident Assistant.  I attended All of the Above a few times as well as RD2B.  Both of these experiences were parts of my decision to be in Student Affairs as well as Residence Life.  Through my graduate program and beginning of my professional experience, I was an advocate for others to participate in NEACUHO events as well as staying caught up with what was going on in the organization. As I was in my second year in professional experience, I was able to attend the Annual NEACUHO conference.  This was a great opportunity to learn from those in the region as well as network with others.  It was also at this conference that I joined the New Professionals committee. While on this committee, I have been able to help coordinate and plan several RD2B conferences with members from all over the NEACUHO region.  My experiences along with my love for this field and organization led to my interest in running for the District Coordinator position.  I would love to represent Western NY and work with my colleagues from the area in conjunction with NEACUHO to give the best experience and communication possible.



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